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Universitätsstraße 25
D-33615 Bielefeld

National (0521) 106-00
Internat. ++49 521 106-00

Telefax national (0521) 106-5844
Telefax internat. ++49 521 106-5844

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Bielefeld University is a state-supported institution bound to public law. It is officially represented by the Rektor.

Responsible supervisory authorities

Ministry of Culture and Science in North Rhine-Westphalia
Völklinger Straße 49
40221 Düsseldorf

Value Added Tax identification number
Pursuant to § 27 a, VAT ID: DE811307718 - according to paragraph 27 a - Finanzamt (tax office) Bielefeld Innenstadt

Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher

Inhaltlich verantwortlich ist der Sprecher des TRR358

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