New Equal Opportunity Manager
In December 2023, the general assembly elected Fabian Januszewski as the new equal opportunity manager from Paderborn. The CRC has two equal opportunity managers, one from Bielefeld University, Christopher Voll, and one from Paderborn University, who coordinate the CRC’s gender equality measures.
The new KidsBox is a mobile parent-child room for children of ages 1.5 - 7 years. It fits in an office and contains various toys, books, painting materials, and further aid and sanitary products.
To borrow the KidsBox, please contact Melanie Kreimeyer or Elena Tielker.
For more information about existing mobile parent-child rooms in Paderborn, see here.
Behold Modular Forms, the ‘Fifth Fundamental Operation’ of Math
Quanta Magazine interviewed Claudia Alfes-Neumann, Steve Kudla, Don Zagier, and many more mathematicians about modular forms:
Modular forms play a major role in Projects A1, B1, B5, B6, and C1 in our CRC.
PB^Math 2023 | Erfolgreicher Durchlauf der diesjährigen Sommerschule
See the article here:
ERC Advanced Grant for Amnon Neeman
The European Research Council has awarded an Advanced Grant to our Mercator fellow. Amnon Neeman is currently guest of the TRR at Bielefeld. He will stay until the end of September and will give a talk in the BIREP seminar in June.
For further information see:
Gauß Medal for Maryna Viazovska
Our Mercator fellow will be awarded the Carl Friedrich Gauß Medal on 21 April in Braunschweig. The event will consist of a colloquium with lectures by Henry Cohn, Gabriele Nebe, and Don Zagier followed by the award ceremony and a lecture by Maryna Viazovska on "Packing spheres in big dimensions“.
More information can be found here:ß-medaille/