Integral Structures in Geometry and Representation Theory

September 9-13,2024, Paderborn

The conference will encompass the entire research profile of our CRC. The format will consist of two plenary lectures every day before lunch. In the afternoon, we will run six parallel subconferences.

Plenary Speakers
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace
  • Emanuele Macrì
  • Gunter Malle
  • Yves Meyer
  • Amnon Neeman
  • Hee Oh
  • Alexander Polishchuk
  • Dipendra Prasad
  • Maryna Viazovska
  • Anna Wienhard
  • Efim Zelmanov

  • arithmetic, dynamics, and harmonic analysis on (locally) symmetric spaces
  • aspects of aperiodic order
  • experimental methods in mathematics
  • geometry and arithmetic of moduli spaces
  • groups and geometry
  • tame categories, geometric models, and homological mirror symmetry