Groups 2023 - Northern Group Theory conference in honour of Bernd Fischer

September 28-30, 2023, Bielefeld University
Bernd Fischer
Group 2023 Photo
Photo: Melanie Kreimeyer

  • Dave Benson (Aberdeen)
  • Tim Burness (Bristol)
  • Rachel Camina (Cambridge)
  • Inna Capdeboscq (Warwick)
  • Hans Cuypers (Eindhoven)
  • Thomas Gobet (Tours)
  • Valentina Grazian (Milano)
  • Josh Maglione (Galway)
  • Gunter Malle (Kaiserslautern)
  • Kevin Piterman (Marburg)
  • Sarah Rees (Newcastle)
  • Gerhard Röhrle (Bochum)
  • Colva Roney-Dougal (St Andrews)
  • Wilberd van der Kallen (Utrecht)
  • Richard Weiss (Boston)
  • Stefan Witzel (Giessen)

The workshop will focus on recent advances in the study of groups (both finite and infinite) and their applications, bringing together leading experts working in several related areas.
Download poster: PDF

  • Barbara Baumeister
  • Henning Krause
  • Chris Parker
  • Bernd Stellmacher


Talks start Thursday morning.
The Friday afternoon will be reserved to mathematics related to Bernd Fischer.
The talks on Thursday, Saturday and Friday before lunch take place in V2-205. The talks on Friday from 2 pm take place in H5.
You can see the program with the abstracts here: Program.

Financial Support

We have limited financial support. If you would like to apply towards some support, please indicate it in the registration until August 30 and send us a short CV.

Poster Session

There will be a poster session where young scientists can present their work. Please indicate it in the registration if you would like to bring a poster.

Travel information

For information on how to travel to Bielefeld University, see here:


A map of the campus can be found here. As seen here, the lecture hall H5 (talks on Friday from 2 pm) is in the middle of the main building. The room V2-205 (talks on Thursday, Saturday and Friday before lunch) is on the second floor of the building section V of the main building.

  • Bielefelder Hof, Price/night at the moment 165€, reservation number is 21528
  • Légère-Hotel, please ask Marion Matz for a discount link
  • Brenner Hotel, Price/night at the moment 129,75 €, e-Mail
  • Comfort Garni Hotel, Price/night at the moment 82,00 Euro with reference to university event "Norddeutsches Gruppentheorie-Kolloquium", e-Mail
  • Hillegosser Hof: contingent until 06.09.2023 keyword: Uni Bielefeld, Price/night 85,00 Euro
  • STAYERY Bielefeld: contingent until 19.09.2023 keyword: Uni Bielefeld, Price/night 163,00 Euro
With increasing demand, the overnight price may increase.


Music will be played by Gina Keiko Friesicke. You can see her homepage here:

Deadline for the registration is 27th August 2023 .